The Reason for Our Service ... An Epidemic Need

Our American service men and women experience innumerable traumas while serving in war.  As a result, many war veterans suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  In fact, nearly 40% of veterans currently returning from Iraq and Afghanistan have PTSD.  Most mental health professionals believe this is a gross under-estimate since most service personnel do not report symptoms of PTSD for fear of being discharged from service.  Thus, many agree a more realistic estimate is that nearly 70% of veterans suffer from PTSD.
Just as warriors do not forsake wounded comrades in battle, our nation must leave no service member, veteran, or military family behind.  Thus, Worthy Warriors was created to help these veterans and active duty military personnel and their families have Positive, Productive, and Peaceful lives.  Our staff have a passion to serve these individuals as reflected in our program’s slogan, “Because our warriors should feel like heroes.”  The military personnel who put their lives in harm’s way for our benefit deserve their country to help them rebuild their war-torn lives.  They are our warriors.  They are also our heroes.
8,395 veterans and active duty personnel commit suicide every year.  By comparison, 311 soldiers died in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars during 2012.  But what is even more disturbing is that the number of PTSD-related suicides among military personnel during one year exceeds the total number of U.S. war-related deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq over 12 years by 1,734.  In short, PTSD and suicide among military personnel (as a result of PTSD) is reaching epidemic proportions.
On average, an active duty soldier commits suicide every day,
and a veteran every 65 minutes, as a result of PTSD.
Graph entitled The PTSD/ Suicide Epidemic showing that 1,734 more military deaths occur due to PTSD than the total number of deaths in 12 years of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
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The statistics for veteran PTSD-related suicides are startling:
•  Veterans make up 7% of the U.S. population yet account for 22% of all suicides.
•  Veterans make up 21% of the male population yet account for 31% of all male suicides.
•  69% of veteran suicides are committed by individuals over the age of 50.
•  97% of veteran suicides are committed by men.