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Traditional methods of PTSD treatment rely on drugs; however, no drug creates the dynamic results of neurofeedback.  While medications often play an important role in recovery from PTSD, there are other alternative treatments.  Our program compliments your current treatment to provide a more well-rounded and comprehensive treatment program.

To date, no other treatment program uses a multi-faceted approach like our integrated 4-tiered method.  In fact, few programs include support services for spouses and children.  Thus, our approach is successful at returning our military veterans and active duty personnel to the Positive, Productive, and Peaceful lives they deserve.
Graphic of head with translucent skull and lobes of the brain in varied colors.
In using neurofeedback, most people report significantly
greater satisfaction in their "work and family lives."
Life Skills Training
Our educational program assists with the challenges of post-deployment and/or civilian life.  Clients receive structured life skills training and education in a variety of subjects including:
These subjects are significant to military personnel in that many need help finding jobs upon leaving the military.  In addition, they have a great need for help in learning to manage their explosive behavior and anger, how to communicate effectively, and how to reintegrate effectively with their families.
•  job search skills
•  interview skills
•  résumé writing
•  anger management
•  communication skills
•  money management
Family Support Services
Spouses, children, and clients are offered monthly educational support groups.  Additionally, clients and their families who have completed the program are encouraged to continue attending these meetings as an extended support program.  Training includes such topics as:
•  communication skills
•  stress management
•  parenting skills
•  PTSD education
•  non-verbal communication
•  financial planning
Preliminary results show that exclusively treating a military individual with family issues does not necessarily resolve those issues.  Rather, by involving the family and providing them with a forum in which to learn effective coping skills and interpersonal skills, the family as a whole feels more emotionally connected, has increased peace and serenity, and seems more receptive to new experiences.
Neurofeedback is a simple and painless process through which PTSD can be minimized.  Similar to an EKG, the process uses sensors on the surface of the scalp that measure brainwaves.  Instant audio and visual feedback then helps to re-calibrate the brain to respond in a more balanced manner.
Life Coaching Services
Clients receive weekly personalized individual counseling with a specific focus on how to deal with the daily challenges of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), including traumatic memories and how to reintegrate successfully back into the family and community.
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