Joan Garten (CEO) and Jane Mathews (COO) share responsibilities as executive managers along with their obligations as officers of the Board of Directors.  Since Worthy Warriors is a small organization, the two women divide management responsibilities, with Ms. Garten managing the finances and staff and Ms. Mathews managing daily operations, fundraising, and media.  While Ms. Garten is a salaried employee as CEO, Ms. Mathews fulfills her duties as COO strictly as a volunteer.

Ms. Garten and Ms. Mathews share a 20 year history of working side by side.  As psychology professors, they served on multiple committees and collaborated on the development of written study materials and workbooks for students.  As academic researchers, they directed treatment programs, supervised treatment teams, and coordinated statistical analysis of all data collected.  As business women, they ran several successful small businesses in the areas of finance, computer technology, and media.  Their diverse and successful history makes them uniquely suited to run Worthy Warriors as each of their past endeavors provided them with experience which directly fits Worthy Warriors’ PTSD treatment program - education, administration, research, business, technology, and media.
Our Management Team
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