Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors represents an interdisciplinary cross-section of our professional community, all of whom having personal ties to the military.  Representing the areas of business, civil service, education, psychology/counseling, media/advertising, and finance, each individual is committed to the mission and vision of Worthy Warriors.
Joan Garten, Ph.D. (ABD), CPC - President, Co-Founder
Joan Garten has worked in the counseling field for over 30 years.  In addition, she was a military officer’s wife for 20 years and understands the major impact deployment has on the entire family.  Having worked in forensic, private, and court-ordered facilities, Ms. Garten is highly respected for her work with military family re-integration, parenting skills, drug and alcohol abuse counseling, sexual and physical abuse, crisis intervention, and anger management.

Ms. Garten’s years as a college professor in psychology and a licensed financial advisor make her uniquely suited as the educational specialist for Worthy Warriors.  Her diverse career experience and keen insight into the learning process is reflected in the unrivaled life skills training program she specifically designed for military personnel attempting to assimilate back into civilian life.  Ms. Garten’s love for life and compassion for all military men and women set an example which all should follow.
Jane Mathews, M.A. - Vice-President, Co-Founder
Jane Mathews has dedicated her 25-year career in education to being “student-focused.”  Capitalizing on each student’s personal learning style, she exhibits a unique ability to focus on both the needs of each individual student as well as the needs of the entire group.  As a professor of psychology, as well as an educator in private and forensic facilities, Ms. Mathews has received numerous awards for this dedication and her flair for inspiring learning in others.

Having served on numerous hiring committees and as an advisor to Human Resources departments, Ms. Mathews brings expertise in professional advancement, interview skills, and résumé development, where Worthy Warriors’ life skills training program will directly benefit.  She also has extensive experience in the use of computer technology in the workplace, writing for marketing and mass media, and fundraising strategy development.  Ms. Mathews has a deep love and respect for the military since both her parents served in the military - her father during the Korean war and mother during the Vietnam war.
Andrew Musselman, CPC - Secretary
Retired Tech Sergeant Andrew Musselman has served his country and community for nearly 30 years for his combined work in the California Air National Guard, the U.S. Navy, and local police and sheriff’s departments.  Having been deployed to Iraq and numerous other locations, his expertise in security services in both peaceful and hostile environments has allowed him to achieve high level, top secret security clearances.  He is skillful at organizational management which likely stems from his years of military service where he supervised equipment safety and deployment readiness.  He also excels at managing small and large groups, while still maintaining a reputation of advocating for the needs of each individual in his charge.

Mr. Musselman worked with military families who were left stateside while loved ones were on deployment, where he revealed his unique ability to exude warmth and caring to those acclimating to changes in family dynamics.  This is especially poignant considering his own personal struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Linda Rehm, CPM® - Member-at-Large
Linda Rehm has established a sterling reputation in the community due to her 28 years of dedicated service in property management.  Her extensive experience has included the management of office buildings, medical office buildings, industrial buildings, retail centers, and Owner Associations.  Her in-depth knowledge and management of multi-million dollar budgets is a testament to her meticulous attention to detail.

Being the daughter of a retired U.S. Air Force colonel and the product of a military family, Ms. Rehm brings a passion to Worthy Warriors’ mission to serve our military men and women in an effort to restore them to a sense of inner peace.  This also may explain why her reputation for professionalism is superceded only by her uncanny ability to make anyone laugh even in the midst of heartache.
Marcy Musselman - Member-at-Large
As an established small business owner for over 20 years in the Inland Empire, California, Marcy Musselman possesses a strong presence of leadership within every organization with which she works.  Specifically, her expertise in financial consulting has allowed her to build a highly successful company specializing in insurances, investments, retirement planning, and home loans.  Her success is attributed to her firm but fair management style.

Ms. Musselman also shares her business savvy in her volunteer work with local athletic associations.  She successfully founded and established a nonprofit, youth-oriented, springboard diving club. Her dedication to giving back to the community is an inspiration to the youth with whom she works.  In addition, Ms. Musselman’s spouse is a veteran who had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and she has experienced first-hand the benefits of the Worthy Warriors’ program.  She now has a passion for sharing this success with others by spreading the word of the existence of Worthy Warriors and its potential to dramatically change the lives of many soldiers and veterans.
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