Benefits You Will Receive

Worthy Warriors distinguishes itself through its innovative approach to the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which is both interdisciplinary and multifaceted.  Treatment programs to date (whether specializing in military needs or not), focus on a single treatment modality.  Conversely, Worthy Warriors’ integrated 4-tiered method emphasizes a well-rounded, personalized treatment approach that is individually customized.
Some of the benefits you will receive as a participant in our program:

•  Exposure to an innovative, multifaceted approach to PTSD treatment, receiving
   services free of charge upon qualifying for the program.

•  The expertise of an interdisciplinary-trained management team.

•  Complete confidentiality where your participation and progress will never be
   attached to your military or civilian personnel file.

•  Total anonymity.

•  Help with your physical, behavioral, and emotional needs in dealing with the
   stresses of PTSD.

•  An individually customized program of both neurofeedback and life coaching/
   counseling as part of your core treatment.

•  Certified neurofeedback specialists trained in the special needs of military

•  An expert life coaching and education staff with over 50 years of combined

•  Life skills training and education to aid in your transition into civilian life or your
   continued struggle with integrating into your family and community.

•  Family support where both your spouse and children join you in group counseling
   and education.

•  Ongoing support for you and your family upon program completion.
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