Worthy Warriors, Inc. is a foundation providing free services to U.S. veterans and active duty United States military personnel who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), including those who have served during the Korean and Vietnam Era to the present day War in Iraq and Afghanistan.

California has the largest number of total active duty personnel and veterans in the United States with nearly 1 million of those individuals residing in Southern California.  Located in the heart of Southern California, Worthy Warriors is especially positioned to help these individuals with its corporate headquarters and treatment/training facility located in Redlands, California.

Two key elements of Worthy Warriors’ operations is its multi-disciplinary approach to PTSD treatment and its interdisciplinary management team and staff.  This enables the program to reflect a well-rounded treatment atmosphere that focuses on offering personalized service to all clients.  As a result, the Worthy Warriors staff has a sterling reputation for delivering high-quality service.
Our Vision
Because our warriors should feel like heroes, we seek to restore our nation's soldiers to positive, productive, and peaceful lives.
Just as warriors do not forsake wounded comrades in battle, our nation must leave no service member, veteran, or military family behind.
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